Crazy 8’s workout

23 Feb

Crazy 8’s workout!

So part of my fit-living involves going to the gym. I am in a small group training class (8-10 people working one-on-one with a trainer) that uses a personal trainer who we meet with 1x per week for an individualized workout.

Well, this past session my trainer was on vacation so she gave us a homework assignment to do called crazy 8’s.

Crazy 8’s is an cardio training class which includes interval running on the treadmill for 20 minutes followed by 8 exercises done with 1 minute to rest in between. After the first set of exercises are done, you repeat it but only have 30 seconds to rest between each move.

Some of the moves include side planking, burpees, tricep pushups and the like. After the first round my gym buddy Jasmine and I were wiped. To do another set was not just physically grueling but mentally as well.

When all was said and done though, we felt on top of the world. So my advice is to push past the mental – you can do anything – your body is capable of  a lot more than you may think!

Happy exercising!


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