Gym Pact

23 Feb

Every year (namely January), countless numbers of people sign up for the gym hoping that to make good on a new year’s resolution.  Despite people’s best intentions, the membership ends up collecting dust and the bank account ends up getting charged & charged & charged for an unused membership.

Enter Gym Pact.

Two recent Harvard grads recently introduced a service called  (it’s also an app for the iPhone) based on that premise. They contend that the sting of losing money for missing a visit and the promise of collecting money for going is enough to keep you on the treadmill.

I’ve recently started using it and for 20 workouts thus far, I’ve earned $6.00 (I have it set for the lowest fine ($5.00 at 4x week gym promise and for ½ those workouts I was a “trial member”).

What if it cost you $5.00-$10.00 every time you missed the gym? Would that motivate you to go?

Being paid to go… well, that’s motivating me!

You can read more at their website: and sign up.


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