Gym Etiquette & Such

28 Feb

I work in the Grand Central area and I am extremely lucky that my gym is 5 seconds away (ok 30 seconds, but who’s counting?). Anyway, since the area is packed with working individuals, there are a few lunch hour classes that aim to meet their needs (i.e., squeezing out a workout mid-day in their already busy schedules…like me). That said, the classes are usually packed. In order to get a spot, I (amongst others) head out to the gym early to save a spot. After awhile at the gym you begin to recognize people and become friendly. On occasions, someone will text me and ask me to save their spot (i.e. throw a mat down where they would be) because they are running late.

Yesterday this happened and the gym manager flipped out (legit screaming), stating that it is not proper etiquette to hold someone’s spot since it’s not fair to other members, even if that member whose spot is being held down is coming. She then threatened to have us escorted out if she were to see us doing it again.

As far as I have known, this happens at gyms everywhere… does this happen at yours? While I understand her reasoning, I don’t think it’s fair that I have to leave my job almost 15 minutes early because the class gets so crowded. I also don’t think it was right for her to take the tone that she did with us. It was condescending – we’re adults; we’re not children to be scolded. Let me know your thoughts.

That said, today I didn’t do a class. I did a tempo run and did 4 mi in 44 mins. It was a tough run –  though my pace wasn’t that much faster than normal, I think it was my shirt that motivated me (it said, “I’m not just eye candy; I train to win.”) – and the fact that my 5k is soon.

Ahh, now to pass out at my desk.


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