11 Mar

This morning I ran the LIRRC (Long Island Road Runners Club) 10K – my first ever 10K. I was really nervous – it was my first 10K and I had never run in Eisenhower State Park before, where it was held.  Hubster and I were up at 7 am which was a nice change from the usual 5:30am wake up call I typically have when headed into the city for races with the NYRR.

This was a much,  much smaller crowd – only 50 of us. The race was 3 loops on mostly flat terrain with 1 semi-steep hill. I started out way too fast – 9:19. I then settled for 9:45 but after 4 miles, I slowed to 10:05 according to my Nike + GPS app on my iPhone (my chip stated 10:17).  I finished after 63 mins (1:03) according to my chip. According to my app, I finished in 64 mins.

After the race, they had bagels, coffee, water, and hot chocolate. I had a sesame seed bagel with a smidge of cream cheese and a small cup of hot chocolate as I waited for the race to wrap up and for them to announce awards. I was surprised to learn that I placed 2nd in my overall age group  (25-29). Yay! Below are some snap shots:

Don’t mind my hair. It was freezing and crazy windy!

Next race is on the the 25th… hello 15K! Ack!



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