Running and reading

30 Apr

This Sunday I ran the Run as One 4 mi. race with the New York Road Runners, which benefited those who suffer/ed from lung cancer and the research that goes along with it.

Every NYRR race costs the same, but for this one, thanks to the sponsorship from Chase, they forego their usual cotton t-shirts and give out this amazing Nike technical tee.

This was the most unprepared I ever was for a race. I was super exhausted the night before and I figured I’d wake up an extra 30 mins earlier the next day to get everything ready for the race,

Total fail. I woke up late, if anything, and had to scramble to get my act together. Thankfully my husband knew where everything was and wable to direct me.

Once we got to the race, I was okay – I was given the dreaded brown bib so that meant despite my pace, I was seeded into the last corral. For my pace, I should have been in the pink corral. However, since I registered late for this race, NYRR just kind of threw me in the back so once the race started, there was a lot of weaving in and out of the pack.

Anyway, here is a screenshot (the .28 is from the trying to get a bagel and apple post race and such, ha!):

Additionally, some of you might have seen me recently on the tele. Most women (and some men) have been reading the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy by E.L. James. I recently read the books and by happenstance I replied to a tweet from ABC 20/20 looking for readers in the NYC area to share their comments on the book. I gave this super sociological analysis and they instead focused on one particular comment: .”’s all about the hot sex!” 🙂 Oh well, I was on TV! Here is the link to the full episode:

You see me about 6 minutes in… here’s a shot:

Well, that is all for now…I will be posting soon about my participation in LeanGreenBean’s ( April 2012 #foodiepenpal. Today’s reveal day and I cannot wait to share!

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