Well, Planks A Lot

10 May

After reading about #plankaday through Jess at FitChickintheCity (http://http://fitchickinthecity.com/2012/04/plankaday/), I decided I too, would jump on the bandwagon.

I am a weirdo who loves planks. I especially love doing side planks. I guess I am fond of them due to my general hate for ab work outs. I hate doing what feels like 500 crunches and getting nowhere. Also, I have to consciously make sure my form is perfect when doing a crunch and what ends up happening is that more time is spent in perfecting form (Is my core tucked? Is my lower back on the mat?)  than actually doing the exercise.

Anyway, I have been pretty good about keeping up with my daily plank, except 1/2 of the time I forget to tweet about it and then the @PlankPolice comes after me.  And while I am not realistically going to “jail,” I feel like I am getting reprimanded by my mom with his tweets (“Hard core or hard SNORE?”) In general, who likes that?

Check out more information (and join in on the #plankaday revolution) here: http://www.fudiet.com/plank-a-day-revolution/

Happy planking! 🙂


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