Chaise 23 (new workout) & new bar (review)

13 May

Happy Mother’s Day first and foremost to all moms and moms to be out there who may be reading this!

I was supposed to run the Japan Day 4miler this morning (Central Park) but my hubster has been awfully sick this past weekend and when we woke up, he was still out of sorts so I decided to sit this race out. I was bummed because I really enjoy running/running these races but in reality some things (or some ONE) are more important than a race/bagel/fruit.

Anyway, last night after I got out of work (I intern on Saturdays through July in the city), I decided to try out a new workout. The workout was called Reinvention Chair and it was being held at Chaise23.  Chaise 23 uses a modernized version of the oft-forgotten Pilates Chair—with a resistance pedal, overhead resistance bands (they call them “bungees”), and cardio sequences—for its fast-paced group fitness classes.

I was excited to try out this new class after hearing about in on the morning news the day prior. You can watch the segment I saw here:

(5.14.12 update – sorry for the broken/unavail link)

When I showed up for that evening’s class, I was given a quick tour and then shown where to change and get ready. The room was small – intimate almost. I liked it. Smaller classes equals more individual attention in my book and I was right.

After a quick demo of the moves we’d be doing, the class started. And from second 1, I was shaking and sweating. It was so awesome. Our workout was a total body workout. We did glutes, abs, arms, everything! The bungees were great and easy to use. They have 2 varying weights: 3 and 5. I chose the 5lb weights. Normally I use much heavier weights but the resistance definitely compensated. After 55 minutes of working out, we did a nice, long stretch which was really wonderful for me as most classes I go to, I have to run out the door back to work. (Yay for tight muscles! Womp)

Anyway, below is a picture I took outside the studio (sorry for not taking more pictures – I got too excited and forgot). And if you’re interested in checking them out, go to their. Intro classes are only $16.00 right now.

If you live in the NYC area, definitely check them out: (

On my way home from Chaise23, I decided to pop into Walgreens for an extra water bottle when I stumbled upon a granola bar from. I like that they were organic, low cal, and that they showed what the bar looked like from the inside out. I bought the choco-banana bar and immediately tried it out. It was tasty! Of course now I want to buy all of their products by the ton! Below are some pictures (I almost inhaled it prior to):

So if you see these bars in your area, I definitely recommend checking them out. Let me know your thoughts! Yay for new food and gym finds!

Have a great night!


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