National Running Day!

6 Jun

Hello, hello! Quickie post for today, National Running Day. I hope everyone had a wonderful day filled with lots of runs, whether it be on a treadmill, trail, or pavement. I couldn’t eek out a run today because my schedule was so packed, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t filled with all things running related.

I headed uptown during lunch today where I stopped at the New York Road Runners Headquarters so I can pick up my bib, shirt, and other goodies for this weekend’s Women’s Mini 10K. I then stopped at Athleta to pick up my informational packet, etc. for my Girls on the Run 5K, which is also this weekend.

And because I like to make my wallet cry, I signed up for not 1, not 2, but 3 races today. They are:

  • The Color Run 5K
  • RockNRoll Series – NYC 10K
  • Dirty Sock Run (10K)
(I am nuts. Why did my husband marry me again? I kid!)

The last one is a local race here on Long Island. I will be running it along with fellow Islander and #SweatPink ambassador Carlyn. This will be her first 10K. She’s pretty bad-ass with some major accomplishments under her belt, so I know she’s going to do super great!

Anyway, I really enjoyed RunningDay.Org‘s post about 10 Ways to Celebrate Running. I think I’ve got all but 3 & 4 down pat. But with my new found #SweatPinkAmbassador-ship, I think that will all change as I will be meeting (virtually met too) through the FitApproach community.

It’s 10 to 12, and I need to hit the hay, but before I do, I just want to share my Running Day badge: 

It’s the truth – have you watched/read the news as of late? Crazy times, my friends. Crazy times. And with that, g’night!


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