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Friday Fitness: Spring into Summer Workout

8 Jun

This was me today… getting my fitness on.

I haven’t participated in May/June’s small group training at my gym because they jacked up the prices and some of the girls who I participated in were not happy campers about it. So we decided to band together and use what we have learned over time at the gym and create our own circuit. Today’s workout included a medicine ball, but I have to write that workout up, so I am not posting it yet. However, I will post our first ever one. We were unsure as to how it would go and how we’d do without a trainer yelling at us to push harder. It turns out that we motivate each other and pushed ourselves. We may go back to small group training. We also may not. We’ll see how it goes the next few weeks.

Since summer is so soon (12 days away, ahhh!), I created the Spring into Summer workout. Here it is:

Easy peasy warmup: 1 min easy walk at 3.5, followed by 1 min jog at 5.6, followed by 1 min run  at 6.5, then back down to 1 min run at 5.6, and cool down at 4.2 for 1 min. – 5 minutes TOTAL

Exercise                                          Reps                            Weights

Squats into shoulder press          12                                10

Bicep curls                                          12                                12

Side lunges w/weight                     12                                12

Tricep extensions                            12                                10

Forward lunges                                12                                12

Backward lunges                              12                                12

Chest press w/weight                     12                                10

Knees to chest w/weight              12                                10

(on step – sit on end of step and lean back, extending legs; bring knees in as you crunch up, so you form a small V)

Crunches                                       50

Crunches w/incline leg           24 (1 set of 12 on R, 1 set of 12 on L)

Full sit up w/punches (down with Russian side twists) 24

Plank                                              2 @ 1 minute a piece


Afterwards, our legs felt like jell-o… it was a great workout and we had a lot of fun.  Note: it’s more toning than cardio, and we found that we had more than enough time at the end to incorporate more cardio and stretch/cool down.

Are there any circuits you like to do/recommend? How are you fitting in your fitness goals this weekend? Tomorrow is a weekend full of girl power since I’ll be participating in the NYRR Women’s Mini 10K and the Girls on the Run 5K. I am also meeting fellow #SweatPink ambassador, Jen at the Mini 10K. I am so excited!!

Happy weekend!