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Sayonara August!

31 Aug

Is it just me, or did summer really fly by?? Today’s the last day of August! I cannot believe it. I haven’t made it to the beach all summer long and that my friends, is depressing.

Work was insane today! I had made plans to meet up with my gym partner-in-crime, but we both ended up drowning in paperwork and it didn’t happen. We had abs planned as we did a lot of leg work this week and I have a training run (14 mi, gulp!) on Sunday.

Here is the session we were planning in doing courtesy of Nike Training Club:

Ab Burner


Sooo, I just plan on doing it at home. Instead of my homework. School hasn’t started and I already have homework. Ew. I spent $300.00 on books for one class-just one!


The bag was heavy so I did alternating bicep curls while waiting for my train.

Alas, I did make one fun purchase-a leopard print cardigan for $24.95! Go Old Navy!


Also (I know I didn’t invent this) but I got an iced coffee with 1 pump of mocha at Starbucks-so good! Its like an iced mocha but without nearly as much calories as a regular iced mocha (with skim or soy!)

And finally, I hate that I have to say this but bullying has to stop. Especially online. One of my favorite bloggers, Carlyn, was cyber-bullied. It also happened to two others but i cany recall who they ste. The Internet is not a get-away-free card to say whatever you want (ok, it is) but people hide behind their laptops and make cruel comments to others without any consideration. It’s cowardly and disgusting. Luckily Carlyn is a strong gal and is able to let it roll off her back, but not everyone can.

You can read Carlyn’s post here. I think it just goes without saying, life is hard as is… be nice to others. Also, karma is a bitch!

Anyway enough of my rant… have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!


Let’s Get Physical!

28 Aug

Hello, happy Tuesday! Hope everyone’s having a great week thus far. I’ve been a busy bee at work and I cannot wait for the long weekend to come.

Since moving to Long Island, I’ve been extremely slow at updating my health providers. Plus with school, I need to have a physical and prove to them I don’t harbor zombie germs. So I began the hunt. Luckily, I found an internist within walking distance of my job. I took a sort-of half day today since my appointment was at 3:00 today. The examination was fine; I am healthy as a horse thus far. I am just waiting on blood results.

The appointment didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would. So what was a gal to do with so much free time? Not shopping… gymming! I texted my friend and we agreed to meet up for Zumba and kick-boxing afterwards. Never mind the fact that we already went to the gym earlier for a toning class.

Anyway, it was nice to take advantage of the spare time I usually don’t get to have. We got super sweaty and by the time the second class was over, we had to drag ourselves to the locker room.

I’m finally headed home and am starving. Here’s a pic of me, exhausted:


Healthy quesadillas on the menu tonight! Yum! Have a great night!

P.S.: That’s my uber cute tank I got from The Color Run!

Color Run!!!!

25 Aug

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend. As you know from my earlier post, today was Color Run Day!! Luckily, I didn’t have to travel from my home to Brooklyn. My mom lives in Staten Island so I stayed there overnight. After a wake-up call of 5:45, we moved quickly – my niece had to get ready, as did my mom and my hubs. After running a few minutes late (I had to grab my sunglasses – such a good move), we were on our way to Brooklyn.

My niece on the way…the before!!

Sports Complex that hosted the race

Oh we did!!

While we waited for the race to begin, we checked out all of the tents that had treats available, including snazzy water bottles courtesy of Ford and a taste of a frozen yogurt.

Crowds before the start

Before I knew it, it was time to line up for the race to start!

Let’s gooooooooo!!

And off we went!! And it wouldn’t be me to not share every bit of my life, so I decided to vlog the experience. So bear with me, but I did my best. Enjoy!

Aaaand, here is the grand finale look:

We’ve been smurfed!

The blue was really hard to get out…I still have remnants.

The race was so much fun and I highly encourage anyone who has a Color Run or Color Me Rad rolling into their town, you should sign up ASAP. I had so much fun and it was totally worth getting a little lost in Brooklyn the day prior and the price tag that came with the race. The race was a fun run and it wasn’t timed. However, I did time myself. I kept pace with my niece, which meant more walking than running. And that was A.OK.  Overall time was 53:08. After the race, we stayed for a little bit to get water and use the port-a-potties and then head back to my mom’s to clean up and spend some time with her. FYI, the blue really is hard to get out. Other than that, clean up was a breeze!

And that’s all from me! Next race up is my 14.2 training run. Um, what the eff was I thinking?! Until next time… 😉

Color Run Eve!!

24 Aug


Sooo, yesterday I had the opportunity to pick up my race packet for tomorrow’s The Color Run in Brooklyn. Thought the week, emails were sent advising to pick up our packets either Thursday or Friday or to come super early and expect a huge line come Saturday.

Though I live on Long Island, I work in Manhattan, so hopping on a train to Brooklyn (my hometown!!) is no big deal. Plus I could connect to the LIRR and get home easily. After getting lost and finding the location of the pickup (thanks Google maps!), I expected that I would be in/out in no time.

Errr, wrong. (I am spoiled by the New York Road Runners). The line was massive!



But luckily, it moved quickly! And before I knew it, I was getting my and my niece’s bib, tees, and other goodies.


And right before I left, I stopped at The Color Run store and essentially went bankrupt. Yay for souvenirs! I picked up glasses for my niece, high socks, a bandana, and a tank for myself. I wanted to buy more, but I restrained myself. 🙂


Who knows? Maybe I’ll get more! There was a hoodie that I wanted…

Well, happy Friday and have a great weekend! I’ll report back post Color Run with all the fun, colorful deets!!

Twitter Birthday!!

23 Aug

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday marked my one year birthday (or anniversary) of being on Twitter. While in the real world this is very much insignificant (and I say that bearing in mind that there are starving children, wars going on, etc.), it was significant to me.  Prior to joining Twitter, I was very much anti-Twitter. It wasn’t that I just didn’t care for it, I pretty much hated it. Hate is a strong word to use but the 140 character limit, the hashtags, the RTs, just didn’t make me interested in it. I was very much (and still am), pro-Facebook. I had Facebook when it first came out and was hooked instantly.

After some convincing from my hubs, I joined Twitter and actually set out to snark on the dumbasses that I mixed with on a daily basis to/from work while commuting. (See my fellow tweeps for more info: @MTAssholes, @LIRRguy, @CrankyCommuter). But then, I began to get hooked on Healthy Living Blogs (HLBs) and their respective bloggers. I picked up running and started to blog about my experiences with training and running all sorts of races.

And while I have plenty of friends from high school, college, grad school, and at home, it was hard to get together because a) a majority of them (especially my best friend) live far away and b) between work, school, and everyday life for all of us, it is hard to coordinate a million schedules.

But while blogging and tweeting (very little) I found the FitFluential community. HOLY COW! What a great, wonderful, and amazing group! I loved interacting with them and learning all about the up and coming stuff when it came to fitness and healthy living.  After finding FitFluential, I found the FitApproach community and became a #SweatPink Ambassador.  And while I don’t know a majority of them, I have met some in person at either an Ambassador gathering, taking a fitness class with them if they live nearby, or even at a local race.  And the ones that I have met in person thus far, are just as sweet and wonderful as they are on Twitter.  And they are all so supportive of each other too! I have had so many wonderful opportunities to date! I even hosted #FitBlog this past week – I was so nervous at first… it ended up being so much fun!

So, oddly enough, I want to give thanks to Twitter. Thanks for opening up a virtual community that I had no idea existed. I have not been the same since, and if anything it’s all been for the better!

To give you an example, go check out my guest post at ViewSport’s blog where I talk about finding my moment and my fitness. BONUS, if you purchase anything today, you can get 15% OFF by entering the code: VIEWSPORT at checkout. Sa-weet!

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday… one day closer to Friday! Woo-hoo! See you at the Color Run on Saturday!

Don’t mind if I do help myself to some cake!

Sunday Funday!!

19 Aug

Hello, hello! Happy Sunday all. As I write this, I am currently imbibing on blueberry iced coffee that I made along with Habanero BBQ almonds. Sounds gross, but both of them are the bomb! Yes, I just said “the bomb.” Aaaand, 1999 is calling me.

Anyway, today was the Dirty Sock 10K. Initially the goal was to vlog before and after, but I completely spazzed on that. I was super nervous and had butterflies the entire way to the race. After picking up my swag (race tee, bib, new socks, and a gift baggie with variety of fliers, a fuel gel, etc.), I headed over to the start line. (NOTE: When choosing a playlist to listen to during a race, make sure the repeat button is not on, so you don’t have to listen to the same song about 40 times over and over again. I told you, I was such a spazz today!). I was so happy that it was so cool outside (65) versus unbearably hot, like during the Bklyn Bridge 5K.

Once the race started, I felt good. I saw people flying by me and I wanted to run faster, but since I tend to start fast and burnout, I aimed to start off slow and steady. And I felt awesome until I got to mile 4.5. At that point, I had to take some walk breaks and then mile 5 I hit the wall HARD. My split at mile 5, which I’ll post below, was no bueno. I increased my pace again and I tried to sprint around mile 6, and again, just crashed. I crossed the finish line, happy that a) I finished and b) my overall splits were good, but I wasn’t happy that it wasn’t a PR. I was set for a PR but mile 5 really ruined that for me. Anyway, happy to have finished. And that’s all that mattered.

While at the race, I got to meet two people that I know of via blogs/twitter. Tracy and Gina of BurningBabiFat! Tracy is training for the NYC Marathon this November and Gina’s training for her first 1/2 (Divas Half Marathon, which I am also doing). Both girls were so nice and sweet!

Of course, check out my pics:

Gina (BurningBabiFat) & I post race

My Ghosts got nice & dirty

Awards Ceremony


During the awards ceremony (thanks for the photobomb lady btw, haha)

Can you tell where I hit the wall?

I was not happy about my bib number. WTF?!

Moi 🙂

Hi, hubs!! ❤

Well that’s all from me, KR out! Next race: THE COLOR RUN!!!!! Ahhh!!! 🙂

Trying New Things

18 Aug

Happy weekend folks! I hope everyone is having a fun, super wonderful weekend! So far, my weekend has been relaxing (sorta) and full of new things. First off, I tried out a new gym in my town that came recommended by Carlyn of Just Keep Sweating. Carlyn has been going there for a long time and suggested a few group classes. So after a long delay, I picked up my guest pass and checked out this morning’s class which Carlyn was at. Carlyn is so sweet and nice in person! The class is called Interval Training. I have taken interval training classes before, so I had an idea of what to expect. But this class blew my mind. It was one of the most intense classes I have ever taken! The class was 1hr and 15 minutes and it flew. Afterwards, I felt like I need to be scraped off the floor. I am definitely going back for more!

Afterwards, my husband dragged my sweaty self to do our weekly grocery shopping. While at Target, I saw this new item from Chobani: Chobani Flip! They came in 2 flavors (or that is what Target had): honey banana and raspberry chocolate chip. One side is yogurt and the other is the fruit mix. The stats for them were pretty decent too (comparable to their regular yogurt cups). I tried the honey banana immediately. So, so good! I highly recommend picking them up if you see them!

Honey Banana!

Vanilla Chocolate Chips w/Raspberry

I also picked up a new book at Barnes & Noble: “Wheat Belly.” I don’t think I have a gluten intolerance but sometimes I think I am gluten sensitive (I’ve discussed this with my nutritionist and I am looking into going to the doctor and getting tested). Anyway, the doctor who wrote the book discussed why he thinks wheat is the root of all evil and is worse than sugar itself. I just read the first few chapters and I am intrigued… but I do love my wheat, so… I don’t know. We’ll see. Anyway, of course, I am not promoting one thing versus another – always check with your doctor first before trying anything.

On Twitterverse, I kept hearing about BuluBox. BuluBox is the first of its kind – it’s the first vitamin and supplement nutrition monthly sample box.


You get to try 4 to 5 samples monthly before you commit to buying. It’s a “health” version of BirchBox. Cost varies on subscription type (I am doing month per month). Also, unlike BirchBox, there is no waiting list. You can sign up right away. Check out some pics of what I got in this month’s box:

Cannot wait to try this after the gym on Monday

Protein shot and probiotic supplements

Vitamin supplement

Cannot wait to try this tomorrow after the 10K

I got my first box for free and you can too! Use the code TWEET10 when you checkout! Anyway, that’s all from me today. I’ll check in with you all tomorrow after the race! Wish me luck! 🙂