Sayonara August!

31 Aug

Is it just me, or did summer really fly by?? Today’s the last day of August! I cannot believe it. I haven’t made it to the beach all summer long and that my friends, is depressing.

Work was insane today! I had made plans to meet up with my gym partner-in-crime, but we both ended up drowning in paperwork and it didn’t happen. We had abs planned as we did a lot of leg work this week and I have a training run (14 mi, gulp!) on Sunday.

Here is the session we were planning in doing courtesy of Nike Training Club:

Ab Burner


Sooo, I just plan on doing it at home. Instead of my homework. School hasn’t started and I already have homework. Ew. I spent $300.00 on books for one class-just one!


The bag was heavy so I did alternating bicep curls while waiting for my train.

Alas, I did make one fun purchase-a leopard print cardigan for $24.95! Go Old Navy!


Also (I know I didn’t invent this) but I got an iced coffee with 1 pump of mocha at Starbucks-so good! Its like an iced mocha but without nearly as much calories as a regular iced mocha (with skim or soy!)

And finally, I hate that I have to say this but bullying has to stop. Especially online. One of my favorite bloggers, Carlyn, was cyber-bullied. It also happened to two others but i cany recall who they ste. The Internet is not a get-away-free card to say whatever you want (ok, it is) but people hide behind their laptops and make cruel comments to others without any consideration. It’s cowardly and disgusting. Luckily Carlyn is a strong gal and is able to let it roll off her back, but not everyone can.

You can read Carlyn’s post here. I think it just goes without saying, life is hard as is… be nice to others. Also, karma is a bitch!

Anyway enough of my rant… have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!


2 Responses to “Sayonara August!”

  1. jfoyohealth September 1, 2012 at 9:27 AM #

    I love the Nike Training App. It is one of my favorites. I also do the same thing when I have heavy bags. Getting ready to go to the mall now with the kiddies. Plan on maneuvering a small calorie burn in there. Cute top, I like.

    • runninglongislandnyc September 1, 2012 at 11:14 AM #

      Oh definitely navigating the mall results in calorie burning! The heavy bags, the walking… every little bit counts! Have fun shopping!

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