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Three Things Thursday!

27 Sep

Happy almost-end of the week folks. Someone on Twitter said that Thursday should be considered as “Baby Friday” and I like that. I think that kind of mindset will get me through the rest of the day. Usually I dread Thursday because it’s like you just got over the hump and you’re so close to the weekend, but not really.  Anyway, it’s Three Things Thursday! So, let’s get things rolling!

1) I have some pictures to share with you from the 5th Avenue Mile (oh and side note, total PR at 8:38 – birthday wish came true!)


Crossing the finish line




My second mud run (this time a 10K!) is this coming Sunday. I thought I had a 1/2 Mary on Saturday, but I forgot it was pushed back to later in the year. So that’s kind of a relief. I am really excited! This mud run appears to be more challenging than the first, which believe me, was challenging on its own.

3) And seeing that I just turned 28, I reflected on how far I’ve come and whatnot. I never considered myself an athlete, a runner, an adventurer, and so on and so forth. But I’ve come a long way. So with that, I am throwing it back to when I was 4! Wasn’t I such a ham??

Throwing up kiddie gang signs?!

What are you folks up to this weekend? Any fun races or challenges? Share with me! 🙂


Sweatastic Saturday!

22 Sep

What up folks?! Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! Birthday weekend continues and much fun has been had! Today, I ran the Fifth Avenue Mile with the New York Road Runners. It was a lot of fun running down the 5th avenue as fast as I can. Some guy was like “go girl” to me as I dashed by. And hooray, I set a new PR on running my fastest mile – 8:38! Afterwards, hubby and I had brunch at Sarabeth’s – you may recall that I ate there earlier this summer during the SweatPink meetup. Then, I waited on line to meet Kara Goucher! I was so excited and so nervous – she is my runspiration! I had bought her book when I first started running. She was so sweet and down to earth. She even wished me a happy birthday when signing my book! Afterwards, I was on cloud 9, tripping over my own feet all the while swooning like the fan girl I used to be when I was 12 and singing into my hairbrush to the BackStreet Boys.

Waiting to meet Kara

Race was sponsored by Nissan


Cheezeball grin



I am exhausted from today, so I am hitting the sack early – 10K tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!!!!

21 Sep

Hiiiiii everyone! Just popping in for a quickie post. It’s my birthdayyyy (for another 40ish or so minutes)! I’m 28 today (whoooaaaa)!


Anyway after doing some errands, which included picking up my bibs for this weekend’s races and renewing my permit (idk how to drive, true story), MUCH cake was had along other yummy treats! I hope the carb loading helps, ha!


I won’t say what I wished for, but we will see if it comes true by the time Monday rolls around! 🙂

Wordless (Kinda!) Wednesday!!

19 Sep

Happy hump day folks! Hope everyone’s week has been going well thus far. I don’t know about you but it needs to be Friday … and not just because of the weekend, but because Friday’s my birthday!! YAY, I am so excited! 🙂

Here are some words of wisdom to get us through the rest of the week – the above title is appropriate, since I am not actually 100% wordless (oops?!):



I must be a genius!



Fall = all things pumpkin!




And that’s it for today. What gets you through the hump? Anything exciting going on this weekend? Aside from my birthday, I’m doing the 5th Avenue Mile with the NYRR on Saturday and the Women’s Magazine Run 10, Feed 10 race, which is a 10K. So, if you are in the neighborhood, come on down, lots of fun will be happening!

Le baggage emotional

17 Sep

One bite won’t hurt, right?


Today I was at the gym getting ready for my Monday usual of kick-boxing when I overheard some of gym girlfriends discussing how during the week, they’re “so good” when it comes to eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but on the weekends, it’s much harder.  I joined the conversation and before I knew it, we were talking food porn. You know what I mean when I say food porn, right? If you don’t, food porn is talking about the treats and goodies that are out there that are over the top delicious and decadent… but less than ideal for your waistline.  Some of things we talked about were fried chicken, biscuits loaded with butter, fettucini and it’s oh so yummy alfredo cream sauce, etc.  And of course we discussed how, if it’s in front of us, how we can’t just have one. Hello, it’s called “chips” for a reason.

She totally gets it.

For example, this weekend I indulged in Chinese food.  I am talking all out – pork fried rice, crab rangoons, chicken with broccoli – and not even with the sauce on the side.  I got it with brown rice, but who was I kidding? Like the brown rice makes it all “OK.” And it was amazingly delicious. Of course, now I am bloated due to all the sodium like it’s nobody’s business.   And my stomach was like “b!tch, I hate you.” Seriously, even this morning, my stomach was still riding a roller coaster.

And while it’s okay to indulge every once in a blue (we are all human after all), what kind of consequence does it carry? And what I am getting to is emotional baggage.  For those of us who have struggled with weight gain/loss or perhaps are female, it’s the inner voice in you head that says “once on the lips, forever on the hips,” and makes you feel “guilty” for salivating over a slice of cake and if you do, makes you feel like you need to hit the treadmill to compensate.  Now many of you may not think this way.  Some of you may compare yourself to others.  Or maybe none of this applies to you – if so, please teach me how. I want to learn.

I thought when I lost the weight, all of the emotional baggage that came with it, would go away. It didn’t – sometimes, it feels even more challenging to deal with.  It sucks.  When my pants feel a little more snug than usual – I get the same feeling when I was 87lbs heavier.  And I felt guilty when I didn’t run my race this weekend.  I hit the snooze button and went back to sleep.  But now looking at it, I needed the rest. With working full-time, school part-time, being the treasurer of an Honor Society, marriage, family, and general life… it’s a lot.  There are plenty of races to be run… but just one of me.  So, that said, it was comforting to hear other people struggle with the same issues as I do at the gym, but where does this line of thinking come from? Our mothers? Society? Why should we feel this way about ourselves? Is it okay to snark on other women when it comes to this?  Share your thoughts on this with me.

Okay, enough – onto fun stuff: Search Me Sunday. Search Me Sunday is going to be a new thing I will be doing where I post the silly items that people look up online that somehow brings them to my little blog. So, without further ado…

“Me after race” – hey, I am all for spectators, but I promise you that after the race is over, you’ll be getting lots of sweaty hugs.   Especially if you bring me a bagel.

Ran a 5K and my eye is twitching” – that really sucks if that happens to you!

“I picked up my glasses.” – see above – that may help with the eye twitch.

“Riding a bicycle pre-wedding photos.”  Can you not afford a limo to get to the venue??

“New york fitfluential bloggers” – Awww, I am not, but I applied to be one. Go tell Kelly Olexa how awesome I am, please? Kthxbai.

“Less than 100 calories red velvet cupcakes.” If you find these, please tell me. Better yet, bring me some.

Ohhh, and before I forget, only 4 more days until my birthday, woot! I’m gonna be an old lady at 28. Break out the Asper cream and rolling walker!  Really though, I accept cash, money order, checks – bank checks please, and of course, gift cards. 😉

Race Day Superstitions!

12 Sep

I don’t believe that black cats are bad luck.

I promise not too!!

Happy hump day folks… we’re getting closer to the weekend, hallelujah! I need the weekend to come STAT. I am just so exhausted.  Anyway, with the weekend, for many, come races.  With the New York City Marathon just around the corner, I can’t even imagine the stress and anxiety those who are training for it are feeling.  Whenever I begin a race, I am so anxious and nervous – even if it’s distance I have run many times previously.  And it’s not like I will be trying anything new (I follow the cardinal rule of never trying anything new the day of to a tee.).

However, there are things I like to do before the race that I guess I would hope that would make the difference? For example, I have a pair of running capris that are my go-to, “lucky” capris.  They never let me down and I’ve set PRs in them.  I’ll wear them until the seam gives.  And even then, I’ll try to repair them. Also, the other item that I have to have before walking out the door is my Road ID band. I feel that the first time that I leave it at home I will get hurt or in an accident.

I scoured the internet and found some people’s traditions/superstitions – some quirky, some not:

  • One person must eat an avocado the night before and has traveled with avocados to make sure that happens.
  • One person cannot wear the race shirt unless they have actually completed the race, and their name appears (or will appear) in the race results.
  • One person must have spaghetti the morning of the race.
  • Another person can’t knowingly end a week with mileage that ends with a 9. If they have 39 miles by the end of Saturday, they will get out and run at least a mile on Sunday even if it is a scheduled rest day.
  • That same person above does their long runs and races in the same shorts, tek shirt and socks every time.
  • One woman has to have to have all of her running gear laid out the night before in a certain way.  She also stated that when she lays out the clothes, she makes it look like a person: shirt on top, shorts underneath, shoes at the bottom. Visor at the tippy top and Garmin and Gu at the side.
  • One man will wear his “ugly shoes”: “I have two pairs of Asics. One is red and black and looks pretty badass. For races, I wear my silver and green ones. They don’t look as cool but I consider them my ‘function-over-fashion-get-down-to-business’ footwear even though they are the same as the red ones.”
  • The same man above: “It has taken me a long time to find a good pair of running shoes but once I find a style that I like (Mizuno Nirvana) I am extremely loyal. I have 3 back-up pair already purchased ready to go.” <– I also can identify with this – I have a few pairs of the Nike +3 in my closet.

So tell me, do you have any pre-race or day-of race superstitions/traditions? Or do you not believe in that kind of stuff?  I want to hear all about them!

Motivational Monday!

10 Sep

Happy Monday, lovelies! Here is some motivational mantras that I love (and hope that they motivate you as well)!

And my personal fave:


What are some of your favorite motivational quotes? Email me & comment to  me your favorites! You can find some more of my favorites on my Pinterest! Have a great start to the week!