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The Aftermath of Sandy

30 Oct

So this post is a hybrid-post of sorts. Originally this post was to upload from my phone, but my connection to the interwebs was so spotty, that it did not happen.

We survived the beast known as Hurricane Sandy. And a beast she was! We lost power around 7:00 P.M. But that was the worst of it for us. But luckily, only for 27 hours. Our power just came back on. Many others fared worse… catastrophic devastation. People died, people lost their homes entirely (either it burnt down or floated away, not even kidding), hospitals had to evacuate patients, and parts of my city are underwater. No one knows when everything will be back to “normal.” Currently the estimate is another week. 😦
My Halloween run isn’t happening at this point. The NYC marathon in Sunday. Who knows if it will happen. I’m supposed to work the expo. Doubtful now.  Our cats were unfazed by Hurricane Sandy overall. We filled the tub with water just in case, and one of our cats fell in and jumped out. Oops… but again, so grateful, so thankful, so blessed that the worst of it for us was honestly nothing.

Tons of leaves for us…luckily

Driving around and assessing the damage.

This was no where near “bad” as other parts

I am anxious to get back on my fitness grind. We had a hard time with food and whatnot, so I pretty much ate a lot of takeout since our fridge was out of commission.  Now that we have power, I am going to off to the gym soon and at least going for runs in the neighborhood. With due caution of course… there is a lot of down lines and trees still. Anyway, enough of my rambles. For those who are really devastated – lost loved ones, lost their homes, I’m sorry for your loss. And to the first responders who continue to work around the clock, thank you. And LIPA (a.k.a. Long Island Power Authority), I love you so hard right now.

H is for Hurricane, S is for Sandy

28 Oct

Happy Sunday. I am writing this post from the comfort of my living room as my husband and I watch the Jets lose to Miami (sigh, what else is new?).  I have been home all day and have not done much. I was supposed to have run a race this morning, but I didn’t. I’ll get back to that later. Hurricane Sandy is set to make landfall in the New York Tri-State area tomorrow night. The city is shutting down mass transit tonight beginning at 7:00 P.M. and public schools are closed. So, that means a 3-day weekend for me! I have a midterm on Tuesday and am hoping school is closed through Tuesday, so it can be postponed.

Yesterday I ran the Marianne Volpe Memorial Pumpkin Run and I don’t know what happened but the whole time I felt awful and really winded. I actually had to stop and walk some of it around the 2 mile mark. I had such horrible cramps and felt nauseated. Gross. I actually seriously considered DNF’ing. But I told myself to keep focus and to keep one foot in front of the other. I finished in 32 minutes… seven minutes later than planned, but I finished it!

Doesn’t look it, but I felt like poop here.

So when it came down to today’s race, I chose not to go since I wasn’t feeling well – plenty of other races to be run! Now, I am just making cookies with the hubs and trying to study/napping. Next week I have 2 runs and I will be working the NYRR Expo, handing out bibs. I am excited! To all those on the East Coast , be safe and keep dry!

A Storm Is A-Comin’!

26 Oct



Happy Friday! The week is finally over! I thought we’d never get here.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been paying too much attention to Hurricane Sandy as earlier in the week, the meteorologist advised that the storm would likely blow out to sea and we wouldn’t be impacted except for some clouds.

Meteorologists are known to be wrong more times than right, right? Except, Hurricane Sandy, which has been dubbed “Frankenstorm” and “Snowicane” (the latter by my hubs), is expected to impact the Tri-State region all through next week.  Again, I’d care less, but, next week is Halloween and for once (in some time), I have super fun-fun plans. I am not the only one. There are tons of races this weekend that are being impacted by Sandy. If you’re one of the people running this weekend and are along Sandy’s path, be aware and mindful of your surroundings.  I am sure event organizers would cancel a race if it became too precarious, but either way, be careful.

I have 2 races this weekend – a Pumpkin Dash tomorrow and the Poland Spring Marathon Kick Off on Sunday. Please Hurricane Sandy, go off to sea, I have fun races lined up and I have a Halloween run that I bought an expensive costume for.  I am going to be so sad if this doesn’t work out. 😦

But, if you are going to make landfall, at least lay out a whopper on Tuesday so I don’t have to take my midterm, thanks. #jussayin

Are you being impacted by Hurricane Sandy? Have any of your races/fitness events been cancelled/delayed thanks to Mother Nature? Any tips to prepare for Hurricane-ageddon? Share, share, share!


…But Here’s My (Bib) Number, so Run with Me, Maybe?

25 Oct

This just happened:

Gulp. (and that is an understatement!) What have I gotten myself into?! Oh, and is it crazy that I will be using this – my first full marathon in May 2013 – as a baby marathon for the ING NYC Marathon 6 months later?

I’ll be using Hal Higdon‘s Novice 2 training program as I have a number of halfs under my belt and I’ve been running for at least year. Training begins like now. Holy %$^!

Daylight Scaring Time!!

24 Oct

Daylight savings time is quickly ending – November 4th, to be exact. It’ll be time to fall backwards (keep this in mind NYC marathoners!!) and gain an extra hour of sleep. As much as I love sleep, I rather have the extra hour of daylight. It’ll be dark out when I go to work and come home from work. 😦

And with it getting darker, it will be getting colder. I really want to ramp up my running mileage and between me growing broke shopping like a madwoman at Lululemon and my husband buying me tons of new running gear for my birthday/our anniversary, I want to be able to put my gear to use. There is no “end” running season here. After the NYC marathon , the New York Road Runners continue to put on awesome races afterwards.

Truth is, I’ve never run in the dark before. I am not “new” to my area, but I’ve only lived in my neighborhood for a little over a year, so I am not exactly comfortable running solo. There are also no “real” sidewalks (thanks, Long Island – note the sarcasm) and I won’t lie, I am terrified of getting hit by a car. It happens all to frequently, as evident in the tragic case of Elizabeth Dinunzio. So, with that said, I am looking into reflective running gear that would help me feel better about running in the dark – safety first and always! A quick google search for “night running gear” brought me to a ton of websites that sold well, night running gear. Here are a few of my faves (you can stay chic and be safe – but keep in mind, safety is always #1 – I rather look like a glo stick and be alive, than cute and well, dead):

(Synergy Hat)


(Safety Light)


(Run Bright at Night Crops)


(Brooks Pulse Lite Gloves)


(Asics Reflective Vest)

  (Reflective compression sleeves)

For more tips on running in the dark, check out Krissy’s posts here and here as well as this other post, filled with tips and you’ll be running safely at night in no time. Also, finally, one of my favorite bloggers, Meghann (a Brooks Ambassador) blogged about trying out some of the Brooks’ nighttime running gear, which you can read all about here.

Any tips on nighttime running for a newb like me? Let me know!1

Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere!

22 Oct

Happy Monday all!!! I hope your weekend was as fun as mine! Before I get into anything, I first want to wish my brother Louis…


I hope you have a great day and I cannot wait to see you!

I spent my Saturday running the Hope for the Warriors Run for the Warriors 10K. Not only did I set a new PR at the 5k mark in 27 minutes, I also set a PR overall, at 1:02:56. Yay, me!!!

my bib!! all nice & pinned! 🙂

my patriotic headband!

The course was mostly flat as it took place on Sunrise highway (on Long Island) and part of the surrounding neighborhoods. The “hilliest” point was an exit ramp in the beginning of the race. The 10K ran the 5K loop twice. I like loops personally; I don’t find them boring. Instead, they help me figure out what to expect the second time around so I am prepared. I ran this race last year, but only the 5K, and the course was pretty much identical. The only thing that I didn’t enjoy was that I dressed too warmly (it was cooler earlier, but it definitely warmed up) and so by the end, I was super hot and feeling rather sticky. See below.

I was sprinting at this point, watching the clock on my way to PR’ing

Overall, I had a great time and it was for such a good cause. As long as they keep hosting it, I will keep running it. Nothing like thinking of fallen soldiers to make you keep going and not give up, right? The other part of my weekend involved hitting up Pumpkinfest at my favorite watering hole in my husband’s old neighborhood.  Pumpkinfest included 10 Pumpkin beers on tap plus the opportunity to drink beer of out of a pumpkin! How cool is that?

Hollowed out pumpkins, ready for beer


And time fore a refill

Aaaand another refill 😉

There were also shots of Pinnacle Pumpkin Pie vodka and the shot came rimmed with cinnamon sugar (yum). I wish I had taken a picture, but I forgot. Whoops! By the end of the night, I was a little, oh-so slightly inebriated. And the next morning my stomach exacted it’s revenge on me.  No bueno.

Too much of a good thing is not always a good thing

Two super cool events are coming up this coming weekend and next week. First, I will be running the Marianne Volpe 5K and Pumpkin Fun Run.  The following week, I will be partaking in the Lululemon Halloween group run where one of my favorite bloggers, Jess will be leading the event. Per Jess’ tweet to me, it’s about 5 miles with a warm up and cool down and afterwards, there will be treats! Woo hoo, I am really excited. I juuuust ordered my costume too. I can’t say what it is yet, but it has to do with my favorite sport (aside from running) and one of my favorite movies!

This was a busy running weekend for a lot of people – if you ran, what did you partake in? If not, how did you get your fit on? And if you didn’t do either, what did you do this weekend? Any special plans for Halloween? Is it just  me or is this year flying by? November (!!!) is so soon! What the what?! I can’t believe it. My mind is blown. Kinda like this guy:

This commercial for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is hilarious

I want to be on Team Drunk Diet (Book Review)!

18 Oct

When I first started running, I gave into the hype of Twitter and joined. I didn’t have many followers (in comparison to now).  Even now, I get really excited when I get a notification of a new follower.  Well, anyway, I recall one day getting a notification that @LucCarl was now following me. Some of you may not know who he is, but if you’re like me and are pretty much into every gossip magazine out there, you will know that Luc Carl (while known for other things) is Lady Gaga’s ex-boyfriend. So my initial thought was, why the eff is Lady Gaga’s ex following me on Twitter?! I shrugged it off, and pretty much kept going with my life.

I’ve pretty much traded my Cosmo magazines and US Weekly’s to Runner’s World and Women’s Health Magazine.  Since I commute, I tend to drop a lot of cash picking up things to read during my long ride home. In this month’s Runner’s World, there was an interview with Luc Carl because he wrote a book about how running pretty much changed his life. And so I read it, not knowing what to expect really.

Turns out, Luc, like me, is a member of the New York Road Runners. After reading his comment that he got into the NYC Marathon the old-fashioned way (9+1 program – run 9 races and volunteer at 1 event in a year and you’re entered for the following year’s marathon). I called shenanigans on this. Lots of famous people get in and without busting their hinds the way I and others do to get in.  Interestingly enough, the New York Road Runners keeps a database of a member’s history where you can look up the races they’ve done and their times. So since I called bull on Luc’s statement, I looked him up. This is kind of like how Paul Ryan said his marathon time and everyone looked it up and found out he lied about it. The internet doesn’t lie people! And sure enough, there he was on my screen – and he had run in races this past year that I have run. And then of course I looked at his pace and I my reaction was ZOMG, he is fast! My second thought was that I have to get this book.

So I tweeted Luc about how I enjoyed the article and that I wanted to get the book. Being a New Yorker, I don’t have time for ordering books online – there are as many Barnes & Nobles as there are Starbucks. To my dismay, EVERY SINGLE BARNES AND NOBLE with the EXCEPTION OF ONE WAS SOLD OUT – EVEN ON LONG ISLAND. Holy hell!


So I placed the book to be picked up and read it. I then even tweeted Luc that I went out of my way (I did, the one B&N I went to was nowhere near I usually am) to get it. And Luc responded:


 Hey Luc, now that I am done with the book, can I take you up on that offer? Seriously?

I cannot say enough things about this book! This is the book that I wished was out when I first started trying to lose weight. There were so many things that I identified with and know that people struggle with.  I also enjoyed Luc’s approach – it’s called the drunk diet for a reason: he was okay with changing his eating habits but found that every book out there called for abstinence from booze. He wasn’t dropping that. I remember my nutritionist telling me to switch to light beer. I told her, eff that – if I am going to drink beer, I am going to drink quality beer, even if it is 200 calories a pop. Hello, Guinness (which has minerals and vitamins and such, so bonus!)! Anyway, Luc’s approach and telling of his journey is so refreshing and cuts right to the point – if anything it’s like a smack across the back of the head when it comes to advice – people need someone to be like drop the damn hamburger, and eat the broccoli – you’re not going to die. Seriously, you won’t die – and don’t drown it in ranch dressing either – that defeats the purpose.  However, keep in mind, that his book is not a “how to” diet book.  It’s simply his story, how he lost weight, what worked/s for him, and how he rediscovered himself/his life through a pair of running sneakers.

Luc is also mighty funny and the things he says, which also includes his own vocabulary (I now think differently when I hear someone say cheeseburger, haha), will have you laughing out loud. It’s a quick read too – I finished it within a week, and that’s because I only read it on my commute home so I could take my time to read and enjoy it. Luc also provides recipes for some of the meals he makes that helped him along. I felt inspired in the end. Not just as a runner – but as a person.

So in sum, go get this book – go, now! Go! It’s worth every pretty penny. Believe me, you will be glad you did. 🙂