Let’s Get Dirty!

1 Oct

Sunday was the Merrell’s Down and Dirty Mud Run. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. The last mud run I did was fun but more challenging than I imagined. And it was only a 5K. This time, I was running a 10K – 6.2 miles. I was also battling a cold that has been going around. The night before, I told the hubster that if I wasn’t feeling well the morning of, I would not go. I also told him that if I did feel good the morning of, but felt ill at any point during the race, I would DNF (“Did not finish”) and find a volunteer to escort me back. I wasn’t chancing it. So when I woke up, I was surprised to feel so great, so energetic, and so pumped. Having learned some lessons from the first mud run, we made sure to bring a towel and extra bags. I also made sure to wear my medical bracelet, wear long pants instead of shorts and bring socks I didn’t mind tossing. I also made sure to bring my fuel belt, bring my Gu chomps and bring a bottle of water with Nuun.  I felt like I was overdoing it but I wasn’t sure what lied ahead.

Anyway, once we arrived, I pinned my bib and entered my corral and was super nervous. But once the gun went off, the butterflies disappeared and off I went. I tackled many, many obstacles along the way, including:

  • Slippery Mountain
  • Inflatable Mountain
  • Monkey Crossing
  • Sand Bag Carry
  • Balance Beam
  • Marine Hurdles
  • Cargo Net Climb
  • Not 1, but 2 MUD PITS!
  • Tires
  • Low Crawls and Tunnels
  • High and Low Ladder Walls
  • Wading in the water – the Atlantic no less, and the water was great! I can at least say I made it to the beach this year, ha!
  • And 10 Push-ups!

I had such a great time completing the race and felt great the entire time – not too tired or anything at all! And I made great time – 1:26, considering that I had to wait for some of the obstacles and I had to take a few minutes after the first mud pit to rinse out my eyes since I got dirt and mud in my contacts. After the run, I grabbed a souvenir (a cozy fleece zip) and my veggie burger. I am awaiting official pics, but here are the ones I captured:



My shiny medal!


I highly recommend doing this race if you have the chance to. It was amazing and so much more fun than The Survival Race. The obstacles were better spaced apart and it was mostly flat. It was also better organized (from porta potties, to fluid stations, to mile markers, amount of volunteers, etc.) and that to me means everything! I cannot wait for next year’s event! Next up: Entenmann’s 10K & Staten Island Half, woot-woot!! What did everyone do this weekend? I want to hear!


4 Responses to “Let’s Get Dirty!”

  1. Jenna October 2, 2012 at 12:39 PM #

    What a great time! Looks soo fun!!! Happy Tuesday and spa love!

  2. Michelle @Push.Pump.Progress October 1, 2012 at 3:21 PM #

    that looks like an awesome race! i love mud/obstacle races! and very cool medal!

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