I want to be on Team Drunk Diet (Book Review)!

18 Oct

When I first started running, I gave into the hype of Twitter and joined. I didn’t have many followers (in comparison to now).  Even now, I get really excited when I get a notification of a new follower.  Well, anyway, I recall one day getting a notification that @LucCarl was now following me. Some of you may not know who he is, but if you’re like me and are pretty much into every gossip magazine out there, you will know that Luc Carl (while known for other things) is Lady Gaga’s ex-boyfriend. So my initial thought was, why the eff is Lady Gaga’s ex following me on Twitter?! I shrugged it off, and pretty much kept going with my life.

I’ve pretty much traded my Cosmo magazines and US Weekly’s to Runner’s World and Women’s Health Magazine.  Since I commute, I tend to drop a lot of cash picking up things to read during my long ride home. In this month’s Runner’s World, there was an interview with Luc Carl because he wrote a book about how running pretty much changed his life. And so I read it, not knowing what to expect really.

Turns out, Luc, like me, is a member of the New York Road Runners. After reading his comment that he got into the NYC Marathon the old-fashioned way (9+1 program – run 9 races and volunteer at 1 event in a year and you’re entered for the following year’s marathon). I called shenanigans on this. Lots of famous people get in and without busting their hinds the way I and others do to get in.  Interestingly enough, the New York Road Runners keeps a database of a member’s history where you can look up the races they’ve done and their times. So since I called bull on Luc’s statement, I looked him up. This is kind of like how Paul Ryan said his marathon time and everyone looked it up and found out he lied about it. The internet doesn’t lie people! And sure enough, there he was on my screen – and he had run in races this past year that I have run. And then of course I looked at his pace and I my reaction was ZOMG, he is fast! My second thought was that I have to get this book.

So I tweeted Luc about how I enjoyed the article and that I wanted to get the book. Being a New Yorker, I don’t have time for ordering books online – there are as many Barnes & Nobles as there are Starbucks. To my dismay, EVERY SINGLE BARNES AND NOBLE with the EXCEPTION OF ONE WAS SOLD OUT – EVEN ON LONG ISLAND. Holy hell!


So I placed the book to be picked up and read it. I then even tweeted Luc that I went out of my way (I did, the one B&N I went to was nowhere near I usually am) to get it. And Luc responded:


 Hey Luc, now that I am done with the book, can I take you up on that offer? Seriously?

I cannot say enough things about this book! This is the book that I wished was out when I first started trying to lose weight. There were so many things that I identified with and know that people struggle with.  I also enjoyed Luc’s approach – it’s called the drunk diet for a reason: he was okay with changing his eating habits but found that every book out there called for abstinence from booze. He wasn’t dropping that. I remember my nutritionist telling me to switch to light beer. I told her, eff that – if I am going to drink beer, I am going to drink quality beer, even if it is 200 calories a pop. Hello, Guinness (which has minerals and vitamins and such, so bonus!)! Anyway, Luc’s approach and telling of his journey is so refreshing and cuts right to the point – if anything it’s like a smack across the back of the head when it comes to advice – people need someone to be like drop the damn hamburger, and eat the broccoli – you’re not going to die. Seriously, you won’t die – and don’t drown it in ranch dressing either – that defeats the purpose.  However, keep in mind, that his book is not a “how to” diet book.  It’s simply his story, how he lost weight, what worked/s for him, and how he rediscovered himself/his life through a pair of running sneakers.

Luc is also mighty funny and the things he says, which also includes his own vocabulary (I now think differently when I hear someone say cheeseburger, haha), will have you laughing out loud. It’s a quick read too – I finished it within a week, and that’s because I only read it on my commute home so I could take my time to read and enjoy it. Luc also provides recipes for some of the meals he makes that helped him along. I felt inspired in the end. Not just as a runner – but as a person.

So in sum, go get this book – go, now! Go! It’s worth every pretty penny. Believe me, you will be glad you did. 🙂


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