A Storm Is A-Comin’!

26 Oct



Happy Friday! The week is finally over! I thought we’d never get here.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been paying too much attention to Hurricane Sandy as earlier in the week, the meteorologist advised that the storm would likely blow out to sea and we wouldn’t be impacted except for some clouds.

Meteorologists are known to be wrong more times than right, right? Except, Hurricane Sandy, which has been dubbed “Frankenstorm” and “Snowicane” (the latter by my hubs), is expected to impact the Tri-State region all through next week.  Again, I’d care less, but, next week is Halloween and for once (in some time), I have super fun-fun plans. I am not the only one. There are tons of races this weekend that are being impacted by Sandy. If you’re one of the people running this weekend and are along Sandy’s path, be aware and mindful of your surroundings.  I am sure event organizers would cancel a race if it became too precarious, but either way, be careful.

I have 2 races this weekend – a Pumpkin Dash tomorrow and the Poland Spring Marathon Kick Off on Sunday. Please Hurricane Sandy, go off to sea, I have fun races lined up and I have a Halloween run that I bought an expensive costume for.  I am going to be so sad if this doesn’t work out. 😦

But, if you are going to make landfall, at least lay out a whopper on Tuesday so I don’t have to take my midterm, thanks. #jussayin

Are you being impacted by Hurricane Sandy? Have any of your races/fitness events been cancelled/delayed thanks to Mother Nature? Any tips to prepare for Hurricane-ageddon? Share, share, share!



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