I Didn’t Run NYC

4 Nov

This morning was supposed to have been the 42nd annual New York City Marathon. As we all know by now, the marathon was cancelled on Friday by the Mayor of New York City and Mary Wittenberg, the CEO of the New York Road Runners.


I won’t get too much into this as many opinions have been expressed ad nauseam across the interwebs, but I am relieved it was cancelled. Some runners chose to run in Central Park, some decided to run the full 26.2 in their neighborhood (congratulations Tracy!), and others (over 1,000) joined the New York Runners in Support of Staten Island group on Facebook and carried backpacks stuffed with batteries, prepaid mobile phones, gift cards, baby wipes, personal hygiene items, medicine, garbage bags, hats and gloves to Staten Island. Way to go!

Today, I ran the “I’m Not Running New York City” 4 miler as part of my local club. Normally the park is filled with runners, but today there was maybe 20 or so, tops. I was worried about running since I hadn’t run or exercised in a week.  My hamstrings were tight and I think my plantar fasciitis is acting up again. But the run went really well! I even won first place in my age group and then later a raffle for a gift certificate to Runner’s Edge! So today ended up being a pretty awesome day! 🙂

Here are some pics from today; enjoy!


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