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Weekend Race FAIL

3 Dec

How is it that it’s Monday already? 😦 Yuck.

I hope everyone reading had a great weekend. My weekend went by incredibly fast. I was supposed to have raced not one, but two times this weekend. Did I? Nope. Ugh. Such a fail. I had all my gear ready to go for the races, but I just could not get out of bed. My husband tried getting me up both days long before race time and apparently all I did was mumble “I’m tired” and snuggle deep under my covers.

Eventually I did wake up and lace up my sneakers for runs in the neighborhood. I am not sure if it was a) that I was tired or b) frustrated that I missed both races, but my runs in themselves pretty much sucked. Sunday’s was way worse than Saturdays… just finishing in itself was a struggle and made me question my running capabilities.


All I could think was how am I going to train for a marathon if I could barely eek out 10 miles this weekend (and not even 10 consecutive miles?!). But I went out there and did my tried my best right? (I figure if I say this enough times, I will believe it).

For this week’s fitness line up, I have kickboxing, pi-yo, bootcamp, and personal training lined up. I am also partaking in the NYC Run’s Ekiden relay on the 9th with 2 other SweatPink Ambassadors.

eikidenEkiden is a relay race, and the term originated in Japan.  The first ekiden race was sponsored by the Yomiuri Shimbun in 1917, and was run over three days between the old Japanese capital of Kyoto and the modern capital of Tokyo, a distance of 508 km, to celebrate the anniversary of the moving of the capital to Tokyo. As written in Japanese, Ekiden combines the characters for “station” and “transmit.”  The original concept of the race hearkens back to Japan’s old Tōkaidō communication and transportation system in which stations were posted at intervals along the road. In the race, each runner on a team runs the distance from one “station” to the next, and then hands off a cloth sash, or tasuki, to the next runner.

This ekiden will be comprised of four legs all starting and ending across from Tavern on the Green. I will be doing leg 2. The legs are:

Leg 1: Two lower loops of Central Park-3.4 miles

Leg 2: A five mile loop crossing the 102nd Street transverse

Leg 3: A full loop ofCentral Park – 6.1 miles

Leg 4: A sprint, one more lower loop of the park,1.7 miles.

As in a traditional Ekiden, the runners wear a sash that is passed from runner to runner. So after I cross the timing mat, I must hand the sash to the next runner. I am excited for this race and just hope I don’t fizzle on race day.

Speaking of upcoming races, I just heard about this race which will occur next year:




I am so in for this race! How fun! I have always wanted to do a zombie race. Now, to see if I can recruit anyone to join me?? Happy Monday (only how much more ’til the weekend?!)!


Food for the Soul

29 Nov

We’re inching closer and closer to the weekend, hooray! Today’s challenge for #Elf4Health was to wake up 15 minutes earlier and meditate.  I tried doing that this morning, but I have bouts of insomnia and last night was one of those nights, and it was miracle that I woke up sort-of on time today.

… And then today ended up being one of those days where if anything could go wrong, it did.  I started to really let it bring me down, when I remembered today’s challenge: to meditate. While I probably won’t have down time until I am home tonight (work and school keep me busy until late), I did want to share some stuff that I found online that is motivational/good for the soul to mediate on:

I hope these images help you center yourself as much as they did me.  


Back to the Grind!!

26 Nov

Happy Monday everyone!

I am hoping everyone had a fantastic weekend. The holiday break has come and gone (much faster than I would have liked).  After running 7 miles on Saturday, I set out to run 3 1/2 miles or so on Sunday. It was freezing out and my legs were so fatigued. I felt like I had cinder blocks on my legs. Ugh. Plus running into the wind again, was not fun. But I pushed through and accomplished my miles.


In other news, some of you might have noticed that I am an #elf4health. What is an Elf for Health? Started by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean and Ella of Nutritionella, Elf for Health is a six week challenge that will run from the Monday after Thanksgiving through the first week in January. There are daily tasks, daily winners, prizes, weekly newsletters, and a Facebook group for support.

As an Elf, I am expected to support my assigned buddy with their holiday health goals and the daily challenges. Elves & buddies will be reassigned every 2 weeks. It’s a reciprocal relationship, I am an elf for my buddy and my buddy is my elf.

I’ve already reached out to my assigned buddy and got a jump start on the first challenge. I am super excited about this challenge and look forward to sharing more with you!

Finally, I am super excited to try this:

Celestial Seasoning’s Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride.  Tons of people have raved about this tea on Twitterverse and while I am not a big tea drinker, I decided to give it a whirl. Anything that tastes like cookies has to be great right? I also bought their Gingerbread Spice tea and am looking forward to trying that as well. I’ll keep you all posted on what I think soon! 🙂 Have a great start to the week!

Mother Nature Hates NYC

8 Nov

I was originally going to have this post up yesterday, but since it took me 3 hours to get home, it did not happen. First we had Hurricane Sandy, which we’re still feeling the effects of – especially those who are suffering from losing their homes and possessions, and now we had Nor’Easter Athena last night. Athena dumped snow all along the tri-state area from 2 inches to 8 inches! Yuck! And this weekend, rumor has it that we will be in the 60s which generates a huge WHAT THE?! from and others.



But back to last night… I got on the oh-so-reliable (note sarcasm) Long Island Rail Road and at one point the entire system shut-down and I got stuck at the station before mine.  Husband came to the rescue and picked me up. By that time it was so late, the last thing I felt like doing was cooking. Take-out to the rescue! Options were limited and we ended up hitting the Taco Bell drive-through where I tried out their Cantina Bowl which is their take on the burrito bowl from Chipotle.

Wannabe Chipotle

It was fine for what it was and the situation. I am feeling the effects of that – sodium = bloat. I’m looking forward to working that off later at the gym. But the take away is that Chipotle is way better!

Shakeology update! Today is day 4 of the 10-day shakeology challenge and I am feeling good overall. I was going to experiment with a new recipe for my morning shake but I didn’t have time so I stuck to peanut butter, chocolate vegan shakeology, and almond milk. So, so good! It is super filling and I am amazed how it keeps me going up until lunch. I also feel more energized. And, I’ve gone down 2lbs so far – woo hoo! 🙂 I am looking forward to taking my measurements.

I purchased TurboFire and the package finally came yesterday. I love when my gym has Turbokick.  So now I have no excuse to workout at home if I can’t make it to the gym, especially if the weather is crappy!

Finally, and this is an important one, Carlyn of JustKeepSweating and Jenn of FitAppetit are hosting a virtual run to support victims of Hurricane Sandy. It’s called Racing for Relief and all of the proceeds go to the American Red Cross.  You can register ($10.00 minimum donation) through November 30th via their blogs. You can run any distance you’d like – from a 5K to a full 26.2 miles and even print out a bib and order a race t-shirt (the proceeds also go to the Red Cross). Their goal is to raise $1,000.00 by the end of the month and they’ve already raised $300.00 and it’s only the first week in November! For those who care, I am doing a 5K and I ordered a shirt.

I am going to end this piece with a quote from Lululemon’s manifesto and I want you to think of how it fits your life:

“The world moves at such a rapid rate that waiting to implement changes will leave you two steps behind. Do it now, do it now, do it now!”

H is for Hurricane, S is for Sandy

28 Oct

Happy Sunday. I am writing this post from the comfort of my living room as my husband and I watch the Jets lose to Miami (sigh, what else is new?).  I have been home all day and have not done much. I was supposed to have run a race this morning, but I didn’t. I’ll get back to that later. Hurricane Sandy is set to make landfall in the New York Tri-State area tomorrow night. The city is shutting down mass transit tonight beginning at 7:00 P.M. and public schools are closed. So, that means a 3-day weekend for me! I have a midterm on Tuesday and am hoping school is closed through Tuesday, so it can be postponed.

Yesterday I ran the Marianne Volpe Memorial Pumpkin Run and I don’t know what happened but the whole time I felt awful and really winded. I actually had to stop and walk some of it around the 2 mile mark. I had such horrible cramps and felt nauseated. Gross. I actually seriously considered DNF’ing. But I told myself to keep focus and to keep one foot in front of the other. I finished in 32 minutes… seven minutes later than planned, but I finished it!

Doesn’t look it, but I felt like poop here.

So when it came down to today’s race, I chose not to go since I wasn’t feeling well – plenty of other races to be run! Now, I am just making cookies with the hubs and trying to study/napping. Next week I have 2 runs and I will be working the NYRR Expo, handing out bibs. I am excited! To all those on the East Coast , be safe and keep dry!

Let’s Get Dirty!

1 Oct

Sunday was the Merrell’s Down and Dirty Mud Run. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. The last mud run I did was fun but more challenging than I imagined. And it was only a 5K. This time, I was running a 10K – 6.2 miles. I was also battling a cold that has been going around. The night before, I told the hubster that if I wasn’t feeling well the morning of, I would not go. I also told him that if I did feel good the morning of, but felt ill at any point during the race, I would DNF (“Did not finish”) and find a volunteer to escort me back. I wasn’t chancing it. So when I woke up, I was surprised to feel so great, so energetic, and so pumped. Having learned some lessons from the first mud run, we made sure to bring a towel and extra bags. I also made sure to wear my medical bracelet, wear long pants instead of shorts and bring socks I didn’t mind tossing. I also made sure to bring my fuel belt, bring my Gu chomps and bring a bottle of water with Nuun.  I felt like I was overdoing it but I wasn’t sure what lied ahead.

Anyway, once we arrived, I pinned my bib and entered my corral and was super nervous. But once the gun went off, the butterflies disappeared and off I went. I tackled many, many obstacles along the way, including:

  • Slippery Mountain
  • Inflatable Mountain
  • Monkey Crossing
  • Sand Bag Carry
  • Balance Beam
  • Marine Hurdles
  • Cargo Net Climb
  • Not 1, but 2 MUD PITS!
  • Tires
  • Low Crawls and Tunnels
  • High and Low Ladder Walls
  • Wading in the water – the Atlantic no less, and the water was great! I can at least say I made it to the beach this year, ha!
  • And 10 Push-ups!

I had such a great time completing the race and felt great the entire time – not too tired or anything at all! And I made great time – 1:26, considering that I had to wait for some of the obstacles and I had to take a few minutes after the first mud pit to rinse out my eyes since I got dirt and mud in my contacts. After the run, I grabbed a souvenir (a cozy fleece zip) and my veggie burger. I am awaiting official pics, but here are the ones I captured:



My shiny medal!


I highly recommend doing this race if you have the chance to. It was amazing and so much more fun than The Survival Race. The obstacles were better spaced apart and it was mostly flat. It was also better organized (from porta potties, to fluid stations, to mile markers, amount of volunteers, etc.) and that to me means everything! I cannot wait for next year’s event! Next up: Entenmann’s 10K & Staten Island Half, woot-woot!! What did everyone do this weekend? I want to hear!

Wordless (Kinda!) Wednesday!!

19 Sep

Happy hump day folks! Hope everyone’s week has been going well thus far. I don’t know about you but it needs to be Friday … and not just because of the weekend, but because Friday’s my birthday!! YAY, I am so excited! 🙂

Here are some words of wisdom to get us through the rest of the week – the above title is appropriate, since I am not actually 100% wordless (oops?!):



I must be a genius!



Fall = all things pumpkin!




And that’s it for today. What gets you through the hump? Anything exciting going on this weekend? Aside from my birthday, I’m doing the 5th Avenue Mile with the NYRR on Saturday and the Women’s Magazine Run 10, Feed 10 race, which is a 10K. So, if you are in the neighborhood, come on down, lots of fun will be happening!