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Losing 13.1 (or 26.2?!) challenge!

18 Jun

Lose a Half-Marathon!!

Right before I got married, I hit my goal weight and was so pumped. However, between grad school, working full time, interning part-time, some pounds crept back on. I’ve been working with my nutritionist but I’ve plateaued more or less and keep yo-yo’ing 5lbs.

Frustrated? Hell yes and I needed extra motivation. Coincidentally Jess of RunWithJess decided to open a Lose a Marathon challenge on her site (in conjunction with her own weight loss goals).

Now I don’t need to lose 26.2lbs but there is an option of 13.1 which would put me back at pre-wedding weight, plus a few extra pounds less. So on a crazy whim I decided to take part.

Wish me luck ad I try to lose a half-marathon! 🙂