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Weekend Race FAIL

3 Dec

How is it that it’s Monday already? 😦 Yuck.

I hope everyone reading had a great weekend. My weekend went by incredibly fast. I was supposed to have raced not one, but two times this weekend. Did I? Nope. Ugh. Such a fail. I had all my gear ready to go for the races, but I just could not get out of bed. My husband tried getting me up both days long before race time and apparently all I did was mumble “I’m tired” and snuggle deep under my covers.

Eventually I did wake up and lace up my sneakers for runs in the neighborhood. I am not sure if it was a) that I was tired or b) frustrated that I missed both races, but my runs in themselves pretty much sucked. Sunday’s was way worse than Saturdays… just finishing in itself was a struggle and made me question my running capabilities.


All I could think was how am I going to train for a marathon if I could barely eek out 10 miles this weekend (and not even 10 consecutive miles?!). But I went out there and did my tried my best right? (I figure if I say this enough times, I will believe it).

For this week’s fitness line up, I have kickboxing, pi-yo, bootcamp, and personal training lined up. I am also partaking in the NYC Run’s Ekiden relay on the 9th with 2 other SweatPink Ambassadors.

eikidenEkiden is a relay race, and the term originated in Japan.  The first ekiden race was sponsored by the Yomiuri Shimbun in 1917, and was run over three days between the old Japanese capital of Kyoto and the modern capital of Tokyo, a distance of 508 km, to celebrate the anniversary of the moving of the capital to Tokyo. As written in Japanese, Ekiden combines the characters for “station” and “transmit.”  The original concept of the race hearkens back to Japan’s old Tōkaidō communication and transportation system in which stations were posted at intervals along the road. In the race, each runner on a team runs the distance from one “station” to the next, and then hands off a cloth sash, or tasuki, to the next runner.

This ekiden will be comprised of four legs all starting and ending across from Tavern on the Green. I will be doing leg 2. The legs are:

Leg 1: Two lower loops of Central Park-3.4 miles

Leg 2: A five mile loop crossing the 102nd Street transverse

Leg 3: A full loop ofCentral Park – 6.1 miles

Leg 4: A sprint, one more lower loop of the park,1.7 miles.

As in a traditional Ekiden, the runners wear a sash that is passed from runner to runner. So after I cross the timing mat, I must hand the sash to the next runner. I am excited for this race and just hope I don’t fizzle on race day.

Speaking of upcoming races, I just heard about this race which will occur next year:




I am so in for this race! How fun! I have always wanted to do a zombie race. Now, to see if I can recruit anyone to join me?? Happy Monday (only how much more ’til the weekend?!)!


Holiday Weekend Recap!

25 Nov

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and weekend. My weekend was full of turkey, family fun, and running. Thursday morning I went for a run around my neighborhood and clocked in 3.5 miles before calling it a day as hubs and I had to hit the road to see my side of the family. It was so nice seeing everyone; it dawned on me that I hadn’t seen my family since my birthday 2 months ago and that for me, was no bueno. I don’t know where the time went! That’s life, I suppose? I definitely plan on going to see them more. Here are some pics from then:

Dad & me!


We had so many leftovers – that turkey was huge! 17lbs, sheesh! My mom said the only things left were either really small turkeys or even bigger ones… so she went with the 17lb one. That’s fine with me… I love turkey. 🙂 Afterwards we had the desserts that I brought over – Italian cookies and cherry pie, yum!

Friday was spent doing some minor Black Friday shopping – primarily I was hunting for a gift my niece wanted, but I managed to pick up a few things along the way. The best was doing shopping online – a majority of shopping was done that way (nothing like shopping in your pjs, ha!). Yay for Old Navy and Loft practically giving things away for free!

Saturday, I hit the pavement and completed 7 miles. I went kind of late in the day and running in the park gave me the willies, so note for future reference: not happening again. I think I’ve seen too many horror movies. 😦 Anyway, here is a pic right after my run:


It was a bit tough – it was super cold and I was running against the wind for a good portion of it. But I got the miles in and I felt great after. Later on hubs and I watched a Star Wars marathon on TV. We are huge Star Wars dorks! I was always a fan of Harrison Ford and ewoks, hehe!  Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend! I have another 3-4 miles planned for the day before meeting up with classmates for a group project. Be well!

Weekend Fun!!

18 Nov

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! My weekend was busy, busy, busy!  Saturday began with a 6 mile run.

I got my six mile run in at the park by my house. I figured I’d run the loop around the lake twice and with the to/from my house, it’d be 6 miles. Wrong. It was about 4 – I ran around that lake pretty quickly. But I had 6 miles to do, so I ran the loop once more and then headed home. I had to go by my house twice to get the full 6, but I did it, woot!

Afterwards, I felt really, really great! Running really helps clear my mind and find myself.  I enjoy running in the cold so much more than in the summer.  I am getting more comfortable running around my neighborhood more and more – there were other runners there, people walking their dogs, parents with their kids.  However, safety first and I asked my lovely #SweatPink Ambassadors for running safety tips and they happily shared their tips:

  • Brooke of Sweats and Sweets: Have your music just loud enough, but low enough to hear if anyone is around you. Also, a SpiBelt is fantastic at holding small cans of mace, if you want to carry that. Always run with your phone if you need to call 911.
  • Steffi of Almost Healthy Life:  Run in the daytime, always tell someone what time and where you are running, call that someone when you return home so they know you’re safe. Happy and Safe Running!!
  • Michelle of Push.Pump.Progress:  i dont listen to music when i run alone, and if its dark i stick to busy well lit areas and i wear reflective gear and/OR i have a little light that i can pin to my jacket that flashes and have your phone on you. When i can i tell a friend and tell them approx when i should be done the run and text them once i am home.

(There are a ton more and I want to share them all in another post… stay tuned!)

On Saturday I was also supposed to go to NYRR HQ to hand out bibs/do registration, but I had such an itch to run, that I knew travel wise, there was no way I’d be able to get my run in, change, and head into the city. So at the last minute, I changed my plus 1 to volunteering at the kids races at the God’s Love – Race to Deliver 4 miler on Sunday. Volunteers were supposed to be at the race by 9, so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do the run, plus check in by 9, since the race was at 8:30. So did all of the other volunteers I met at check-in.


Turns out we could have – we weren’t needed until 10. So I/the other volunteers froze for little over an hour. There was coffee available and we happily drank it down to keep warm. Finally, it was 10 AM and we were off to the kids’ races. The kids’ corrals are divided by age group, with the youngest closest to the finish line. The age groups were 2 & under, 3 to 4, 5 to 6, 6 to 7, 8 to 9, and 10 to 12.  One of my tasks were to help line the children up, make sure their bibs were correct, and get them pumped. All of them were so, so cute, especially the 1 to 2 year olds!  Before the races began, kids were running up and down the course, which had a slight incline. One of the volunteers joked that the kids were interval training, hahaha.  The NYRR hired cheerleaders and when the cheerleaders began cheering, the 1 to 2 year olds took off and we had to run after them to get them back to the start line.


Finish line!

I never get to see any celebrities despite having lived in the city so long.  I met George Clooney on my 12th birthday and Sisqo (remember him?!) once after school, but that was pretty much it. However, I got to meet WPIX’s own (channel 11 for New York City/Long Island) weatherman, “Mr. G” – he looks good for his age!

Interviewing a 2 year old! Hehe!

After the race, we cleaned up, and checked out. I even got a free shirt for participating. I wanted to do 3 miles in the park before heading home but my phone kept pausing/resuming/pausing/resuming… and after a mile, I gave up due to frustration. So, I walked another half mile and then headed home. But still, I got my plus one for the NYRR 9 + 1, so you will see me at the 2013 ING New York City Marathon! Hooray!!!

What did you do this weekend? Tell me all about it!  Have you ever seen any celebrities in your neck of the woods?

Wordless Wednesday (aka Motivation to Get You Through the Hump)

14 Nov





Wordless (Kinda!) Wednesday!!

19 Sep

Happy hump day folks! Hope everyone’s week has been going well thus far. I don’t know about you but it needs to be Friday … and not just because of the weekend, but because Friday’s my birthday!! YAY, I am so excited! 🙂

Here are some words of wisdom to get us through the rest of the week – the above title is appropriate, since I am not actually 100% wordless (oops?!):



I must be a genius!



Fall = all things pumpkin!




And that’s it for today. What gets you through the hump? Anything exciting going on this weekend? Aside from my birthday, I’m doing the 5th Avenue Mile with the NYRR on Saturday and the Women’s Magazine Run 10, Feed 10 race, which is a 10K. So, if you are in the neighborhood, come on down, lots of fun will be happening!

Le baggage emotional

17 Sep

One bite won’t hurt, right?


Today I was at the gym getting ready for my Monday usual of kick-boxing when I overheard some of gym girlfriends discussing how during the week, they’re “so good” when it comes to eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but on the weekends, it’s much harder.  I joined the conversation and before I knew it, we were talking food porn. You know what I mean when I say food porn, right? If you don’t, food porn is talking about the treats and goodies that are out there that are over the top delicious and decadent… but less than ideal for your waistline.  Some of things we talked about were fried chicken, biscuits loaded with butter, fettucini and it’s oh so yummy alfredo cream sauce, etc.  And of course we discussed how, if it’s in front of us, how we can’t just have one. Hello, it’s called “chips” for a reason.

She totally gets it.

For example, this weekend I indulged in Chinese food.  I am talking all out – pork fried rice, crab rangoons, chicken with broccoli – and not even with the sauce on the side.  I got it with brown rice, but who was I kidding? Like the brown rice makes it all “OK.” And it was amazingly delicious. Of course, now I am bloated due to all the sodium like it’s nobody’s business.   And my stomach was like “b!tch, I hate you.” Seriously, even this morning, my stomach was still riding a roller coaster.

And while it’s okay to indulge every once in a blue (we are all human after all), what kind of consequence does it carry? And what I am getting to is emotional baggage.  For those of us who have struggled with weight gain/loss or perhaps are female, it’s the inner voice in you head that says “once on the lips, forever on the hips,” and makes you feel “guilty” for salivating over a slice of cake and if you do, makes you feel like you need to hit the treadmill to compensate.  Now many of you may not think this way.  Some of you may compare yourself to others.  Or maybe none of this applies to you – if so, please teach me how. I want to learn.

I thought when I lost the weight, all of the emotional baggage that came with it, would go away. It didn’t – sometimes, it feels even more challenging to deal with.  It sucks.  When my pants feel a little more snug than usual – I get the same feeling when I was 87lbs heavier.  And I felt guilty when I didn’t run my race this weekend.  I hit the snooze button and went back to sleep.  But now looking at it, I needed the rest. With working full-time, school part-time, being the treasurer of an Honor Society, marriage, family, and general life… it’s a lot.  There are plenty of races to be run… but just one of me.  So, that said, it was comforting to hear other people struggle with the same issues as I do at the gym, but where does this line of thinking come from? Our mothers? Society? Why should we feel this way about ourselves? Is it okay to snark on other women when it comes to this?  Share your thoughts on this with me.

Okay, enough – onto fun stuff: Search Me Sunday. Search Me Sunday is going to be a new thing I will be doing where I post the silly items that people look up online that somehow brings them to my little blog. So, without further ado…

“Me after race” – hey, I am all for spectators, but I promise you that after the race is over, you’ll be getting lots of sweaty hugs.   Especially if you bring me a bagel.

Ran a 5K and my eye is twitching” – that really sucks if that happens to you!

“I picked up my glasses.” – see above – that may help with the eye twitch.

“Riding a bicycle pre-wedding photos.”  Can you not afford a limo to get to the venue??

“New york fitfluential bloggers” – Awww, I am not, but I applied to be one. Go tell Kelly Olexa how awesome I am, please? Kthxbai.

“Less than 100 calories red velvet cupcakes.” If you find these, please tell me. Better yet, bring me some.

Ohhh, and before I forget, only 4 more days until my birthday, woot! I’m gonna be an old lady at 28. Break out the Asper cream and rolling walker!  Really though, I accept cash, money order, checks – bank checks please, and of course, gift cards. 😉

National Running Day!

6 Jun

Hello, hello! Quickie post for today, National Running Day. I hope everyone had a wonderful day filled with lots of runs, whether it be on a treadmill, trail, or pavement. I couldn’t eek out a run today because my schedule was so packed, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t filled with all things running related.

I headed uptown during lunch today where I stopped at the New York Road Runners Headquarters so I can pick up my bib, shirt, and other goodies for this weekend’s Women’s Mini 10K. I then stopped at Athleta to pick up my informational packet, etc. for my Girls on the Run 5K, which is also this weekend.

And because I like to make my wallet cry, I signed up for not 1, not 2, but 3 races today. They are:

  • The Color Run 5K
  • RockNRoll Series – NYC 10K
  • Dirty Sock Run (10K)
(I am nuts. Why did my husband marry me again? I kid!)

The last one is a local race here on Long Island. I will be running it along with fellow Islander and #SweatPink ambassador Carlyn. This will be her first 10K. She’s pretty bad-ass with some major accomplishments under her belt, so I know she’s going to do super great!

Anyway, I really enjoyed RunningDay.Org‘s post about 10 Ways to Celebrate Running. I think I’ve got all but 3 & 4 down pat. But with my new found #SweatPinkAmbassador-ship, I think that will all change as I will be meeting (virtually met too) through the FitApproach community.

It’s 10 to 12, and I need to hit the hay, but before I do, I just want to share my Running Day badge: 

It’s the truth – have you watched/read the news as of late? Crazy times, my friends. Crazy times. And with that, g’night!