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Run-Filled Weekend!

30 Nov

Happy Friday!!

As you all know, I have been looking forward to the end of the week so badly… and it’s here, hooray! But there is still 5 hours or so between me and the weekend, grrrr. So I have decided to share with you what I have planned for this coming weekend which is filled with lots-o-races. I also have some running of my own set, so I will either finish my own mileage Saturday or Sunday, depending on how Saturday goes.




I am scheduled to run the Seaford Hot Chocolate 5K on Saturday morning. I have never done a hot chocolate run before (I will be doing another one in December with one of my blends (“blogger” + “friend” = “blend”; term not originated by me, but I have seen across Twitter and have decided to incorporate it into my vocab), Amanda. I have probably mentioned a thousand times how I love chocolate – if not, well, I do. Anyone who knows me I do and that I prefer dark chocolate (plus antioxidants, bonus!). White chocolate is not real chocolate. Don’t try to argue with me on this.  So I am hoping to bust a PR, but we shall see. The hot chocolate is going to be my motivation.




Sunday I am scheduled to run the Join The Voices 5miler by the New York Road Runners. The only issue is that it is super early, so I may or may not run this race depending on how Saturday’s race goes (plus if I tack on the extra mileage). It’s for a good cause, so I probably will hike up to the city. I’ll keep you posted.

Now that December is upon us (WHAT?!), it’s becoming more cold. And it’s much easier to hit snooze and snuggle deeper under the warmth of one’s comforter. So with that, I present some tips I found on Runner’s World to keep YOU (and ME!) motivated to keep on pounding that pavement:

  • GO EARLY. Two-time Olympian Shayne Culpepper says that rather than putting off a run, she’ll head out even earlier than usual when she’s not in the mood to work out. “If I have that extra cup of coffee or I wait an extra half hour, it becomes too torturous,” she says.
  • PAY YOURSELF. Set a price for attaining a certain weekly mileage goal. When you hit it, pay up. Keep your mileage money in a jar, and once it accumulates, buy yourself that new running jacket you’ve been ogling.
  • REMEMBER that you almost always feel better after a run than before it.
  • BRING HOME SOME HARDWARE. Okay, so you’re not going to you may not win the Chicago Marathon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t score a trophy. Find a few small local races where you might be able to compete for the top spots in your age group.
  • DON’T EXPECT EVERY DAY TO BE BETTER than the last. Some days will be slower than others, and some days might even hurt a bit. But as long as you’re on the road, it’s a good day.
  • IF YOU DON’T RUN ROAD RACES, where will you get all your T-shirts? #truth
  • JUST START. If the thought of running your full workout is too much to bear, just suit up to run around the block. Chances are, once you’re outside, you’ll start to feel better and put in at least a few miles.
  • THINK YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO RUN? You can probably make a list longer than this one of things you’re wasting time on today. Cut one of them out and get the run in.
  • A HEALTHY RUNNER IS A HAPPY RUNNER. As soon as you feel like you might be coming down with something, pamper yourself: Eat more healthfully (think lots of fruits and veggies) and get extra rest. A little prevention today means you won’t be debating next week whether you’re too sick to run.
  • LISTENING TO YOUR FEET crunch gravel for an hour can erase a day’s worth of stress.
  • INVEST IN GOOD GEAR. For beginners, this may mean a good pair of running shoes to avoid injuries and technical clothes made of fabric that wicks away moisture and prevents chafing. For others, experimenting with the latest GPS unit or shoe pod can be a fun way to track training progress and stay motivated.

And my absolute favorite: RACE RESULTS STAY ON GOOGLE FOREVER 

(*cough* Paul Ryan *cough*)

Enough rambles from me, lets have three cheers for the weekend! Happy running!


Weekend Fun!!

18 Nov

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! My weekend was busy, busy, busy!  Saturday began with a 6 mile run.

I got my six mile run in at the park by my house. I figured I’d run the loop around the lake twice and with the to/from my house, it’d be 6 miles. Wrong. It was about 4 – I ran around that lake pretty quickly. But I had 6 miles to do, so I ran the loop once more and then headed home. I had to go by my house twice to get the full 6, but I did it, woot!

Afterwards, I felt really, really great! Running really helps clear my mind and find myself.  I enjoy running in the cold so much more than in the summer.  I am getting more comfortable running around my neighborhood more and more – there were other runners there, people walking their dogs, parents with their kids.  However, safety first and I asked my lovely #SweatPink Ambassadors for running safety tips and they happily shared their tips:

  • Brooke of Sweats and Sweets: Have your music just loud enough, but low enough to hear if anyone is around you. Also, a SpiBelt is fantastic at holding small cans of mace, if you want to carry that. Always run with your phone if you need to call 911.
  • Steffi of Almost Healthy Life:  Run in the daytime, always tell someone what time and where you are running, call that someone when you return home so they know you’re safe. Happy and Safe Running!!
  • Michelle of Push.Pump.Progress:  i dont listen to music when i run alone, and if its dark i stick to busy well lit areas and i wear reflective gear and/OR i have a little light that i can pin to my jacket that flashes and have your phone on you. When i can i tell a friend and tell them approx when i should be done the run and text them once i am home.

(There are a ton more and I want to share them all in another post… stay tuned!)

On Saturday I was also supposed to go to NYRR HQ to hand out bibs/do registration, but I had such an itch to run, that I knew travel wise, there was no way I’d be able to get my run in, change, and head into the city. So at the last minute, I changed my plus 1 to volunteering at the kids races at the God’s Love – Race to Deliver 4 miler on Sunday. Volunteers were supposed to be at the race by 9, so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do the run, plus check in by 9, since the race was at 8:30. So did all of the other volunteers I met at check-in.


Turns out we could have – we weren’t needed until 10. So I/the other volunteers froze for little over an hour. There was coffee available and we happily drank it down to keep warm. Finally, it was 10 AM and we were off to the kids’ races. The kids’ corrals are divided by age group, with the youngest closest to the finish line. The age groups were 2 & under, 3 to 4, 5 to 6, 6 to 7, 8 to 9, and 10 to 12.  One of my tasks were to help line the children up, make sure their bibs were correct, and get them pumped. All of them were so, so cute, especially the 1 to 2 year olds!  Before the races began, kids were running up and down the course, which had a slight incline. One of the volunteers joked that the kids were interval training, hahaha.  The NYRR hired cheerleaders and when the cheerleaders began cheering, the 1 to 2 year olds took off and we had to run after them to get them back to the start line.


Finish line!

I never get to see any celebrities despite having lived in the city so long.  I met George Clooney on my 12th birthday and Sisqo (remember him?!) once after school, but that was pretty much it. However, I got to meet WPIX’s own (channel 11 for New York City/Long Island) weatherman, “Mr. G” – he looks good for his age!

Interviewing a 2 year old! Hehe!

After the race, we cleaned up, and checked out. I even got a free shirt for participating. I wanted to do 3 miles in the park before heading home but my phone kept pausing/resuming/pausing/resuming… and after a mile, I gave up due to frustration. So, I walked another half mile and then headed home. But still, I got my plus one for the NYRR 9 + 1, so you will see me at the 2013 ING New York City Marathon! Hooray!!!

What did you do this weekend? Tell me all about it!  Have you ever seen any celebrities in your neck of the woods?

Wordless Wednesday (aka Motivation to Get You Through the Hump)

14 Nov





Mother Nature Hates NYC

8 Nov

I was originally going to have this post up yesterday, but since it took me 3 hours to get home, it did not happen. First we had Hurricane Sandy, which we’re still feeling the effects of – especially those who are suffering from losing their homes and possessions, and now we had Nor’Easter Athena last night. Athena dumped snow all along the tri-state area from 2 inches to 8 inches! Yuck! And this weekend, rumor has it that we will be in the 60s which generates a huge WHAT THE?! from and others.



But back to last night… I got on the oh-so-reliable (note sarcasm) Long Island Rail Road and at one point the entire system shut-down and I got stuck at the station before mine.  Husband came to the rescue and picked me up. By that time it was so late, the last thing I felt like doing was cooking. Take-out to the rescue! Options were limited and we ended up hitting the Taco Bell drive-through where I tried out their Cantina Bowl which is their take on the burrito bowl from Chipotle.

Wannabe Chipotle

It was fine for what it was and the situation. I am feeling the effects of that – sodium = bloat. I’m looking forward to working that off later at the gym. But the take away is that Chipotle is way better!

Shakeology update! Today is day 4 of the 10-day shakeology challenge and I am feeling good overall. I was going to experiment with a new recipe for my morning shake but I didn’t have time so I stuck to peanut butter, chocolate vegan shakeology, and almond milk. So, so good! It is super filling and I am amazed how it keeps me going up until lunch. I also feel more energized. And, I’ve gone down 2lbs so far – woo hoo! 🙂 I am looking forward to taking my measurements.

I purchased TurboFire and the package finally came yesterday. I love when my gym has Turbokick.  So now I have no excuse to workout at home if I can’t make it to the gym, especially if the weather is crappy!

Finally, and this is an important one, Carlyn of JustKeepSweating and Jenn of FitAppetit are hosting a virtual run to support victims of Hurricane Sandy. It’s called Racing for Relief and all of the proceeds go to the American Red Cross.  You can register ($10.00 minimum donation) through November 30th via their blogs. You can run any distance you’d like – from a 5K to a full 26.2 miles and even print out a bib and order a race t-shirt (the proceeds also go to the Red Cross). Their goal is to raise $1,000.00 by the end of the month and they’ve already raised $300.00 and it’s only the first week in November! For those who care, I am doing a 5K and I ordered a shirt.

I am going to end this piece with a quote from Lululemon’s manifesto and I want you to think of how it fits your life:

“The world moves at such a rapid rate that waiting to implement changes will leave you two steps behind. Do it now, do it now, do it now!”

…But Here’s My (Bib) Number, so Run with Me, Maybe?

25 Oct

This just happened:

Gulp. (and that is an understatement!) What have I gotten myself into?! Oh, and is it crazy that I will be using this – my first full marathon in May 2013 – as a baby marathon for the ING NYC Marathon 6 months later?

I’ll be using Hal Higdon‘s Novice 2 training program as I have a number of halfs under my belt and I’ve been running for at least year. Training begins like now. Holy %$^!

Running all of Manhattan

2 Sep

Hello, hello, happy Sunday! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day weekend thus far. Today I woke up facing my longest run of my life – The 14.2 mile Manhattan Training run. Note: this was a training, there was no time. I did time myself on my GPS but… I will get back to that later.

The alarm went off at 3:30 A.M. – you read that correctly. 3:30 A.M. I had to be out the door by 4:20 A.M. so I could get to the train station in time to meet a friend (Tracy – hi!) who ran it the year prior. Tracy is running the NYC Marathon this year, so she has to get as many long runs in as possible. Anyhoo, I decided to snooze until 3:45 A.M., before clumsily walking to the bathroom to get ready. I prepped the night before so I wouldn’t be running around like a chicken without a head.

All set!

I headed into the city not knowing what to expect. After all, it is 14.2 miles. But I kept telling myself that it is just 1 more mile after 13.1, which is a half-mary. After grabbing some much needed coffee, Tracy and I took the subway to 225th street along with some other gals we met along the way, plus Tracy’s friend Tova, who is also doing the NYC marathon this year.

After getting our bibs, and setting up our many apps and GPS tracking devices, we were off! And it was not easy at all in the beginning. On 218th street (I think it was there), we had to climb a hill that was practically 75 degree incline. After battling some more rolling hills, the path  pretty much flattened out, especially at Riverside Park and along the West Side Highway. I had my water with citrus Nuun, but kept refilling at every water station. I had my Gu around mile 6 and felt great. And then wham, mile 10 hit me like a ton of bricks. I kept at it though (I did have to walk some of it, because my legs were cramping up a bit). Around mile 11, I called my husband and told him I couldn’t keep going. He, however, convinced me to keep on going. I even recalled the tweet my niece Kathy sent me:

Sorry it’s so tiny but it reads: Omg titi I’m so proud  go for it luv yaaa

I couldn’t let her down. I couldn’t let my hubs down. More importantly, I could not let myself down. I have never quit a race and didn’t plan to DNF. So as much as my legs didn’t want to go any farther, I willed them to keep running – just one step in front of another. Finally I was at mile 13… I was pumped, just one more mile. But then I got to mile 14, and the end was no where in sight. Talk about a case of the WTF?!  I kept going, hoping to see the end, but everyone who volunteered and were standing guard, told me to keep going. By the time I finished, my RunKeeper logged 16.7 miles. So, not exactly sure as to what happened. Tracy was so nice and waited for me the whole time even though at mile 10, I texted her to go on back home without me.  After getting my souvenirs (a duffle bag and a long sleeved tee – perfect for fall/winter runs) we headed back to the train to go to Penn Station. I was supposed to have also gotten a mug and a cap, but they ran out, so they took my bib number so they can mail it to me along with my finisher’s certificate.

I thought I would finish around 2:45-2:50, but I ended up finishing at 3. I would love to show you my splits and what the app said mileage wise, but my phone died before I could save it and I lost all of the info. I am so upset, argh!! Buuuut, I can show you my medal! Isn’t it pretty?

Bam! #proof

And since like my tag line reads: “…because running all of Manhattan isn’t enough,” next weekend I have 2 runs back to back – my first mud run on Saturday and then the Bronx 10 miler on Sunday (piece of cake!) Plus the Sunday race will be my 9th race with the New York Road Runners. After that and one volunteer opp, I will have solidified my place in next year’s marathon!

I have an extreme case of runger and I am off to dinner! Enjoy the rest of your time off. 🙂

P.S. – Do not buy Post Great Grains Banana Nut Crunch. It’s like crack. It is so freaking good. Nomnomnom.